eCommerce in conjunction with the high street

Why you need to open an online shop

We hear it all over the media – the declining high street trade is something which is ruining our towns as online takes over as the favoured method of shopping. [I know some people who can’t remember the last time they physically went shopping!]

But existing retailers needn’t be left out in the cold. There are enough methods to sell online to join in. Creating a successful multi-channel business is not that difficult. Great examples can be found – Seasalt; Fat Face; M & S – to name just a few. These stores combine channels presenting a new connected shopping experience. High Street presence, postal catalogues, and shopping websites are brought together to give customers a varied choice of experiencing the goods as well as a choice about how/where to transact.

Platforms such as Shopify make it easier for you to focus on your core business not on the technicalities of an eCommerce site. Administration is intuitive and the IOS apps allow for flexible working.

Some stores have embraced such online digital to the extreme. No cash registers just front-line staff armed with iPads. You try something, you want something, they order it on the iPad, you pay via the iPad, it gets delivered to your home. No struggling with bags!