eCommerce underway

Rapid Shopify Development

I reckon that there are two fundamental foundations to getting your Shopify store live and selling fast:

High quality, same sized, imagery
An understanding and detailed information about what you want to sell
These two things are not only key to getting a store live they are key factors for success.

Images must be a consistent aspect ratio so that when presented online customers see a neat, orderly, arrangement. Having some landscape others portrait and of various sizes makes for an unorganised mess. Poor quality, low resolution imagery is also bad practice and reflects on the quality of items being offered for sale. Shopify can upload images any size up to 5760 x 5760. [Square images 2048 x 2048 are recommended]

If you keep up-to-date information about the items you want to put on the site it will be a great help in getting started. Electronic [Spreadsheet] format is best and lends itself to csv conversion and bulk upload to your store. Cover all major details for Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). Details you’ll need include:

SKU numbers
Variant detail (Colours, sizes etc)
Tax status
Shopify is a mature product and powers over 600,000 stores worldwide. It is a fully hosted SaaS solution which means you do not need to worry about updates and security – Shopify look after all of this leaving you to get on with doing business.

Consider the price plans and various commissions as you would the rent and rates of a bricks and mortar store. The costs are much more reasonable and can reach a global audience.

If you have the building blocks in place there is no reason why you can’t sign up in the morning and have a store live the same day.

Sign up and get going. You can cancel at anytime. If you need help . . . just reach out 😉